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Top 5 K-Pop songs to listen to this summer

Updated: Mar 25

By Cecilia Torres

With summer in full swing, there's no better time to discover new K-Pop songs to add to your playlist. Although it was hard to pick out just a few since there are so many releases this year, I have decided to pick the ones that stood out the most. In this article, I will be taking a look at the top 5 K-Pop songs to listen to this summer.

1. I am - IVE

Image Credit & MV: IVE 아이브 'I AM' MV

The song is an upbeat, electronic track that is sure to get you dancing. It has a strong beat that is accompanied by powerful vocals, making it a great addition to any K-Pop playlist. The lyrics of the song are also noteworthy, as they are empowering and encourage listeners to be confident in themselves, especially in the summer. The chorus of the song, which repeats the phrase "I am, I am, I am," is especially catchy and memorable.

IVE had won their ninth music show trophy for the song “I AM” with a total of 6882 points. On June 25th, The group had won first place on SBS’ INKIGAYO meaning that the song has now achieved a “triple crown” . The MV visuals are amazing as it takes place with IVE members strutting with confidence through mansions and flying private jets and showing off their designer shoes and bags to then get onto a fashion runway and perform their choreography.

Overall, "I AM" is a great addition to IVE's discography and the album is a must-listen. The song is energetic, catchy and empowering, making it a perfect anthem for anyone looking to boost their confidence and dance the night away.

2. Queencard- (G)I-DLE

(G)I-dle's "Queencard " is a fun and upbeat K-Pop song that is perfect to add to your summer playlist. The song has a catchy melody and an energetic beat that will make you want to dance along. The lyrics of "Queencard" are empowering and uplifting, as they encourage listeners to be confident and not afraid to show their true selves. The chorus of the song is especially catchy, with the members of (G)I-dle singing "I'm the queen”. The group released their 6th mini album on May 15th and the album had over 1.1 million pre orders which showed lots of anticipation from their fans.

In terms of the music video, "Queencard" features colourful visuals and vibrant costumes that match the summer vibe perfectly. The term “Queencard” or 퀸카 (queenca) is a Korean slang meaning a popular female student at school. On May 23rd at the Mnet music show (G)I-DLE won their third music trophy with a total of 9,207 points.

Overall, "Queencard" by (G)I-dle is a great addition to any summer playlist. Its upbeat melody, empowering lyrics, and fun music video make it the perfect song to listen to while soaking up the sun or hanging out with friends.

3. Rover - KAI

Image Credit & MV: KAI 카이 'Rover' MV

“Rover” is one of the best songs to vibe to this summer. This song's exotic vibe influenced by reggaeton and dancehall is perfect for the summer. The MV has already surpassed over 12 million views in just a week since its release. "Rover" choreography was by Badalee and Jrick Baek that perfectly complements the song's rhythm and vibe. “Rover” challenge on TikTok has been popular in the last few months with K-Pop idols such as MOMO from Twice and San & Seonghwa from ATEEZ.

The music video is also visually stunning, with intricate sets, vibrant colours, and Kai's charismatic presence. The MV also showcases KAI taking on different personas in order to fulfil his dream of being a performer. His vocals in the verses were impeccable, making for a fantastic start to the dance pop tune. “Rover” is about a wander and wanting to be free: Kai describes that he is feeling freer than ever on stage performing for his fans and social media since the release of his highly awaited solo comeback. With lyrics such as “ Stop, 이름은 버려 Mr. Rover, rover, rover I'm coming over, over, over Call me Rover”.

Overall, this is a great song for the summer and can be added to any playlists or you can even take part in the #KAI_Rover challenge on TikTok.

4. Cupid - FIFTY FIFTY

Another trending TikTok dance move is FIFTY FIFTY’s dance challenge - #CupidChallenge - which has taken over the world by storm. Cupid debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 charting on April 1st with 5.7 million official U.S. streams; it has also jumped from 106 to 65 on Billboard’s Global 200 chart.

This is another unbeatable summer hit while at the beach or hanging out with friends. The lyrics are about falling in love and feeling dumb for falling in love. With lyrics such as "I gave a second chance to Cupid/I believed you, I'm so stupid/Let me show you, my secret love, is it real?/Cupid is so dumb,". The verses are filled with clever wordplay and metaphors that make the song even more enjoyable to listen to.

The instrumentation in "Cupid" is also noteworthy, with a mix of electronic beats and acoustic instruments that give the song a unique sound. The music video for "Cupid" is also visually stunning, with bright colours and fun choreography that perfectly match the song's upbeat vibe.

Overall, this is a cool song for the summer or another dance trend to follow on social media. Also do not forget to check out the other versions of the song. (“Twin” mix and an instrumental version)

5. Like Crazy - BTS’ Jimin

On February 23, one of the most highly anticipated solo debut albums from BTS members was released. Jimin of BTS titled his first solo album as “FACE,” claiming that he is ready to face himself and take the next steps as a solo artist.

In the beginning of “Like Crazy” there is a softly whispered dialogue between a man and a woman. The young woman says “I think we could last forever” and the man responds “I’m afraid that everything will disappear.” “Just trust me,” which she then affirms from the 2011 movie ‘Like Crazy’. Jimin's hit became the highest-charting debut song by a Korean solo artist in the UK Single chart history.

No playlist is complete without this synth pop instrumental. The music video has an alluring concept that matches the song perfectly. The song is about being sad and also having fun adventures to get over the pain of a breakup with lyrics such as “I'm feelin' so alive, wasting time” and ”I'd rather be lost in the lights, lost in the lights.” The dancing is quite creative and has a similar seductive atmosphere to the music video. The choreography for the song conveys a sensual feeling which complemented Jimin’s voice throughout the song which captured my attention.

Overall, this is a unique summer song to add to your playlist and it also sets a different tone from his other release “Set Me Free pt2.” (Another great song btw!)

With these top 5 K-Pop songs, your summer playlist will be filled with catchy beats, impressive vocals, and stunning visuals. Whether you're looking for an upbeat dance track or a laid-back tune for a lazy day, there's something for everyone on this list. Let me know in the comments what other K-Pop songs you would add to your playlist this summer.

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