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Who Are We?

"Ouri Insights," an extension of the award-winning Hallyu Con platform, is pioneering a groundbreaking B2B solution for entertainment companies, Korean platforms, organisations, events, educational institutes, news outlets and music agencies. Leveraging almost a decade of experience, extensive fan engagement and collaboration with the Korean government, Ouri Insights offers bespoke research and consultancy services. Our mission is to empower organisations to make informed decisions, reduce trial and error costs, and optimise their product and service  launches by providing access to up-to-date data and audience samples.

Why Ouri Insights?

In the era of globalised hallyu, Ouri Insights bridges the gap between organisations, entertainment entities and their target audience. With a focus on saving organisations potentially millions through strategic research and data analysis, trial launches, consultancy and much more.  Ouri Insights stands as a cost-effective solution for both established and new players in the industry.

Who We Have Worked With And In Association To

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