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Top 3 webtoons to fill the void of 'Marry My Husband'

By Mulenga Mumba

I don’t know about you guys, but although it has already been 3 months since the final episode of ‘Marry My Husband' aired, I still find myself rewatching the drama and re-reading the webtoon. Now, there’s nothing wrong with rewatching and re-reading something; however, sometimes we want to try something new, right? So, with  that in mind, I have prepared three webtoon recommendations that will help fill that ‘Marry My Husband’ shaped void in your hearts. 

A brief recap, ‘Marry My Husband’ is a fantasy romance drama that follows the life of Jiwon Kang, an employee at U&K Food, who passes away due to gastric cancer but is sent back in time and is given a second chance to re-do her life, hopefully achieving her dreams and finally meeting a man who will love and protect her. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing? Go watch it right now! Streaming on Amazon Prime. You can find the webtoon on Webtoon

Now, for my recommendations: 

1. Remarried Empress



  • Empress of the Eastern Kingdom .

  • Wife to Sovieshu.

  • Cold, logical and seemingly unapproachable. However, she’s very kind, intelligent and even cracks the odd joke or two once you get to know her. 


  • Emperor of the Eastern Kingdom.

  • Husband to Navier.

  • Conceited, hard-headed, heart is in the right place, but he doesn’t know how to express his feelings (which bites in the backside hard later). 


  • Runaway slave, saved by Sovieshu.

  • Sovieshu’s side-piec…Concubine👀

  • Her outward appearance is sweet, kind and innocent. However, she can be cold, manipulative and a tad crazy. 

HEINREY ALLES LASZLO (also known as Queen)  

  • Prince of the Western Kingdom.

  • Has the biggest crush on Navier.

  • Rumoured to be a heartbreaking playboy, and he’s fine with that. However, he is quite intelligent, calculated and holds grudges towards those who wrong him. Sidenote: He is also the shy golden retriever type when it comes to Navier. 


Written by Alphatart with artwork by Sumpul, Remarried Empress follows the story of Navier Ellie Trovi, Empress of the Eastern Kingdom. Married to the Emperor, Sovieshu, Navier has spent her entire life learning how to become the perfect empress. She is responsible, regal, graceful, and she is loved and adored by everyone in the kingdom - and Navier is quite content with the way things are. However, one day, Sovieshu returns from a hunting trip with a slave girl (Rashta) he had saved in the woods. Following this, Navier notices that Sovieshu has become distant and cold towards her, and is spending a significant amount of time with the girl he saved. Despite her nonchalant demeanour, Navier finds out that Sovieshu is planning to divorce and depose her. And although she has now gained a loyal confidant in Heinrey, the prince of the Western Kingdom, being an empress is all she knows, and Sovieshu is the only man she has ever loved. What will happen to her once all of this is taken from her?

My thoughts

Firstly, I absolutely adore Navier. I love how her character has developed as the story progresses. This webtoon is so much fun to read. When I first started reading it I would spend hours on it, and then I caught up to the chapter releases, so now I enjoy the excitement of waiting for a new chapter each week. Overall, the story is really engaging and the plot twists are quite cute, too. There’s a slight shift in the artwork towards the end of season 1 but it’s not significant enough to change the overall feel of the webtoon. If you love seeing villains get their comeuppance, you’ll absolutely adore this webtoon. 

I would give this webtoon a score of:

Read the full webtoon HERE

2. My Office Rebound Marriage


Dawon Kang

  • Works at K&C Food & Life.

  • Hardworking and very good at her job.  

  • Dated Taehyeon Lim until he cheated on her. 

  • Vowed to never date a coworker again. 

Junhu Seo

  • Manager of the department Dawon works in at K&C Food & Life. 

  • Expressionless most of the time and very direct with his words. 

  • Considered to be the “Office Dreamboat”. 

  • Has the biggest crush on Dawon and will do anything to make her happy. 

Taehyeon Lim

  • Works at K&C Food & Life. 

  • Dawon’s ex-boyfriend. 

  • Cheated on Dawon with a coworker. 

  • Self proclaimed gym-rat and all around terrible person. 

Yujeong Cho

  • Newest employee at K&C Food & Life.

  • The second party in the cheating scandal at K&C. 

  • Seemingly innocent but actually very sketchy and fake.  


Dawon Kang works at a prestigious company called K&C Food & Life. She and her boyfriend, Taehyeon Lim are the department’s dream couple, and with Taehyeon having proposed, Dawon is living her dream life. Until one day, this all comes crashing down when she discovers that her boyfriend has been less than faithful. Yujeong Cho, a co-worker at K&C is the second party concerned and although she appears apologetic and claims to have not known about Dawon and Taehyeon’s relationship, this may not be the case. Distraught and swearing “never to date a coworker again,” Dawon is unaware of the person in the sidelines secretly waiting for his chance to be the only man for her. 

My thoughts

Although I just started reading this webtoon last month, I’m already invested in how things are going to turn out. From the very first episode, we get a glimpse into the steamy relationship between Dawon and Junhu, AND the drama between Dawon and Taehyeon that leads to their breakup. I’m not a big fan of the artstyle as I prefer more vivid colours but this really isn’t enough to overshadow the drama. I’m definitely excited to see how Taehyeon and Yujeong get their just desserts. I hope it’s as dramatic as Sumin in 'Marry My Husband’.

I would give this webtoon a score of:

Read the full webtoon HERE

3. I Abdicate My Title of Empress


Adelheid Kotrov 

  • Former Crown Princess of the Kotrov Empire.

  • Empress of the Empire of Echmont. 

  • Reduced to a political pawn by her mother.

  • A powerful mage who is very intelligent and righteous, she refuses to sit down and watch as people suffer at the hands of those who seek power. 

Karl Ulrich Echmont

  • Emperor of Echmont.

  • Ever since he lost his mother, he feels that everyone is against him and that only Duke Despone is on his side.

  • A seemingly ruthless emperor who has ignored the most vulnerable citizens of his empire in favour of securing power and control. 

Diane Poitier

  • The Emperor’s Concubine.

  • Shares a striking resemblance to the Emperor’s late mother. 

  • She and her brother were saved by Duke Despone and now work to achieve the Duke’s goals. 

  • Although outwardly sweet, innocent and naive, she is vindictive, conniving and extremely jealous of any woman that seemingly comes into contact with the Emperor. 

Lionel Baldur

  • Second Son of Duke Baldur.

  • Current Defense Minister and Captain of the Guards of the Echmont Empire. 

  • “Aide” to the Empress.

  • He is very noble and loyal to his cause of destroying the towers and saving the people of Echmont. 

  • In denial about his feelings towards Adelheid and considers himself her confidant and protector. 


Adelheid Kotrov is the crown princess of The Kotrov Empire and a powerful mage in charge of protecting the Empire from falling magical towers. One day, her mother asks her to cede her role as Crown Princess to her younger brother and forces her to leave her home and marry an emperor in a far away kingdom to secure family power. Enter, Karl Ulrich Echmont. Emperor of the Echmont Empire and all around misguided puppet (unbeknownst to him). Upon marrying him, Karl emphasises to Adelheid that he would never love her and she should not wish for anything more. He has a lover, Diane Poitier, and nothing will change that; “Pay no attention to my lover, and I will do the same to yours” he said. Adelheid says “alright, bet” and takes on an “Aide” Lionel Baldur, who would literally die for her, thus beginning the craziest love triangle, maybe square.  

My thoughts

The characters are so beautiful. I absolutely love the artwork in this webtoon. Everyone is so ethereal and graceful. That being said, the usage of flowers behind the main characters cracks me up. It’s giving ‘Extraordinary You’. If you’ve watched the drama, you know what I mean. I also love the fact that Adelheid is so fierce. She doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Also, the added storyline of the cold and rude Emperor unknowingly falling for her is A tier. I know it’s overdone but it gets me everytime. The webtoon is currently ongoing so we’ll have to wait and see how the story develops. 

I would give this webtoon a score of:

Read the full webtoon HERE

Go forth and read to your heart’s content, and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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