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“‘STILL DREAM’ conveys my key message for this album” - Kim Woojin’s show-stopping performance

By Mulenga Mumba


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On August 3rd, the O2 Academy Islington hosted the one and only Kim Woojin and we at HallyuCon had the privilege of interviewing the man himself. Despite all the chaos going on backstage (hair, make-up, sound checks, you know how it is…), we managed to grab a few minutes to ask him how he’s doing, how he feels about being on tour and, most importantly, how he feels about seeing his fan club CUBS irl after the long ‘virus that shall not be named’ period.

Before we get to the interview, however, let’s talk briefly about the concert.

Woojin talking to CUBS (Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

The overall vibe of the concert was quite informal which was nice (it felt like a group of friends meeting up and just vibing). That being said, Woojin definitely put on a show-stopping performance for the fans to enjoy. From the dazzling performance of his first solo song ‘Still Dream’ (also the name of his first solo world tour), to covering songs by fellow artists like Ed Shearan and Seventeen, there was something for everyone to enjoy (personally, I really enjoyed his performance of ‘Still Dream’: the vocals, the dancing, it was lit).

Still Dream performance (Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

He also made sure to engage with the fans as much as he could which was quite endearing. You could really see just how much Woojin and his fans were looking forward to this tour. The support from the fans really added to the energy of the whole evening (sidenote: I would also like to say a big well done to the translator who was there to help Woojin and his fans connect with one another).

CUBS show their support (Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

Overall, I’m glad that both Woojin and CUBS got this opportunity to meet each other after not being able to due to ‘the virus that shall not be named’. By meeting face to face, both Woojin and CUBS could better convey their feelings and share the energy that they may have felt was lacking when meeting online. They were able to show support to one another, which is what concerts are ultimately all about.

Now, for the interview (I know you were waiting for). Even though we had to keep the interview short due to time constraints (the life of an idol is quite fast-paced), we managed to sit down and have a chat with Woojin (in between hair and make up).

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

We started the interview off with a simple introduction from Woojin (he seemed a bit nervous but pretty excited for the tour). When asked if he had any specific routines he follows before going to bed and when he wakes up, he said not really, “I just tend to fall asleep immediately after lying down” and that the first thing he does when he wakes up is “turn the alarm off” (and go back to sleep). And I support that; we all know how hard it can be waking up in the morning sometimes. When asked what he would like to do in London, Woojin heard about places related to the Harry Potter films and would like to visit if given the time (a Harry Potter fan?). We hope he managed to see at least one place on his list. In terms of hobbies he enjoys “Internet shopping” and the most recent purchase he made was a pair of Jordan Trainers (nice purchase, the swaggiest of the swaggiest pair of shoes).

We were curious if he had any special routines before performing and rather than have a specific routine, he makes a point of stretching before performing. “I must do my stretching/workout routine before I perform because I need to take care of my body. I do this to ensure I don't get injured and am able to continue performing in the future”. As an artist, this is a very important thing to keep in mind and we’re glad that he’s managing to keep active in spite of his busy schedule.

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

We then asked what message he wanted to pass on through his most recent album (The moment : 未成年, a minor) and the biggest message he would like to convey is that despite any hardships or setbacks, he hopes that listeners of the album can continue to follow their dreams and move forward without giving up.

Finally, we closed off the interview with a special message from Woojin to CUBS.

“Hi CUBS! Honestly, before starting this tour, it had been a really long time since we were able to see each other like this, so for all the CUBS who have been waiting and rooting for me and have believed in me - I will continue working hard and doing my best to become a cooler, better and brighter artist in the future. Thank you and I love you all!”

The full interview can be found here (or below).

We’re glad that both Woojin and CUBS had this opportunity to meet after such a long time and we wish Woojin and his team all the best for the remainder of his tour.

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