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RM’s Right Place, Wrong Person Second Studio Album Review

By Cecilia Torres

Disclosure: This post does not contain any affiliate links, meaning I will not get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links below.

Right Place, Wrong person is an 11- track studio album released on May 24th 2024. RPWP With over 585,000 copies of its two versions sold, the album debuted at number two on the South Korean Circle Album Chart. 

RM has done it again with Right Place, Wrong Person, this album was the most intriguing to me from start to finish. RM is one of the very few Korean artists in the K-Pop industry that has a willingness to call out the music industry, talk about expectations that idols face and the reflections that he has gone through while being in the industry. But also wanted to break out of the ‘K-Pop Mould,’  which is also mentioned regarding other BTS members' solo projects, too.  Also contemplating on  what it is like to be a normal ordinary  person having thoughts about the future and expectations that we are supposed to uphold. The production of this album shows listeners RM’s solid songwriting showcasing a collection of short stream-of-consciousness thoughts that I believe that fans or casual listeners can relate to, especially those in their late 20s and early 30s.


Right People, Wrong Place

The album opens with “Right Person, Wrong Place”, which lasts 1 minute and 57 seconds. The title song is different to the album title which could show the internal struggle or thought that RM is going through.  The song features RM turning over the title's four words as if the right combination will reveal a fundamental truth while Right Person, Wrong Place on him. “Right Person, Wrong Place” seems to discuss feeling left out in certain surroundings and that you are with the right people but the atmosphere is not right which leads to frustration. The chorus “Right Person, Wrong Place” is repeated often throughout the song which could represent the constant conflict that he feels internally while being with the right people but because it is in the wrong place a conflict could arise. This song sets the mood for the album to show listeners the ups and downs that he will sing throughout the album.


The second track on the album  is an alternative hip hop track with hints of a bass sound. The song discusses discontent that may happen in a relationship with lyrics such as “we could see the karma comin' through” and "love is just for the freaks" and "love is for the freaks.” Towards the end of the song, RM refers to the fact that his ex-partner left an impact on him  “stigma on my chest”  that could be either a negative or positive  impact on him and hopes for happiness. 

Out of love 

The third track shifts the listeners’ focus from the previous song “Nuts”. The song touches upon the exceptions that Idols face from both the media and toxic fans. RM says “Smoking kills, I know… it’s my fucking business, you bitches stop, don’t talk shit”.  Here RM is talking about the controversy he faced after posting accidentally on his instagram a picture of him smoking. This sparked fans to express their concern over his health because most fans are aware that some idols are prohibited from smoking, drinking - “smoke drink, people I know they stink” - and even dating. However, most of these activities are being done by fans themselves but then “fans” shame idols for doing the same and forgetting that idols are also human beings and not perfect. 

With the straightforward lyrics  “all you strangers, you did think you can please me” and “can’t fuck my mind,” RM is trying to tell those who express worry for his health or feel the need to give input on his life that he is the one in control of his life and will do what he pleases. 

Domodachi (featuring Little Simz)

The fourth track on this album has a collaboration with British Rapper Little Simz. “Domodachi” is an alternative Hip- Hop genre, however, you can hear some influences of afrobeat which was brought by rapper Little Simz. The song's title is a Japanese compound word: "domo," which means "thank you," and "tomodachi," which means "friendship." Little Simz's verse enhances RM's story by reinforcing the themes of loyalty and authenticity. She emphasises the importance of respecting friendship support, rejecting deception, and advocating for those who matter. This song shows the unique but interesting mix of rap styles between RM and Little Simz.  

A music video for "Domodachi" was released on May 30th where a group of young friends are featured while exploring the city, from riding bikes down the street to hopping fences instead of RM.  By the end of the video, the friends are walking home at sunrise after a long night out.

? (interlude) 

The “? (interlude) ” features DOMi & JD BECK. DOMii and JD Beck are a GRAMMY-nominated jazz duo that consists of American drummer JD Beck and French keyboardist Domi Louna. The interlude consists of a jazzy undertone instrumental consisting of 11 lines at 1 minute and 53 seconds. 26 seconds in, RM begins to sing in a glum and deep voice about “what goes around comes around.” “Would it been better if I didn’t know you” “but every feeling I did feel is so true” - this might relate to a relationship that is now over but he is still clinging to certain memories and maybe something went wrong in the relationship. 


This song takes on a blunt response regarding things that happened to him. I really liked this song because after hearing it once I had it on repeat ever since. It is very catchy because it is a combination of jazz and hip-hop, and guaranteed to get stuck in your brain. 

With “I can't be a monk, others' words always misunderstand me”  and “Not a f*cking diplomat” here once again he is mentioning the pressure that  Idols have to portray a certain cookie-cutter image. According to, “빵상 bbangsang’ comes from a Korean meme and is meant to be a form of alien speech but is understood as gibberish

RM is depicted in the video walking the streets of London, more specifically Willesden, wearing a navy blue Adidas track jacket, a white t-shirt and relaxed black trousers. Directed by the same Japanese MV director who worked on "Sexy Nukim (feat. RM)" by Balming Tiger, the entire video is shot with a geometrical split-screen style , which emphasises RM's natural and free spirit even more.


The seventh song takes on a more sinister message than the other songs on the entire album.The title of the song at first glance seems like a happy and cheerful song but as you take a closer listen to the lyrics such as “go grab your knife” and “Watch me collapse '', it seems that RM is trying to convey to listeners and people in his life who are using him for his own gain which is quite common for those in the spotlight. The title “Heaven” could suggest that he is making peace with getting rid of negativity in his life. Overall, although the message is somewhat sinister, the song sounds lighter and easy to listen to. 


“LOST!” is a Hip-Hop & Rap track, the chorus contains funky beats and a rapid synth totalling at 5 minutes and 24 seconds for the MV but 3 minutes and 53 seconds on streaming apps.  The music video was directed by French director Aube Perri, he was previously known to have worked with Harry Style: Satellite (2023) and Megan Thee Stallion: Thot Sh*t .

 The music video begins with a small animation intended to foreshadow Namjoon's performance at a talk show, which begins with the phrase "Inside Namjoon's brain," and then moves on to a maze inside RM's brain where he is 'lost', with him attempting to find himself. The particular scene that I liked was the maze. In the maze scene, RM appeared inside the maze and around him in various versions of himself, which could be a reference to "copycats" or even people who pretend to know and be them, because in the end, they remain in the shadows while Namjoon shines.

On June 20th, Director Perri shared on his instagram a reel with a montage of directoral projects showing the “LOST!” music video and  Pulse Films revealed on their instagram the selection for the director for Saatchi & Saatchi’s new creator Showcase at the 2024 Cannes Lions. “LOST!” received a screening at the 71st Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity held in France. The music video has received lots of positive acclaim from views worldwide stating the music video was a masterpiece. (I agree too!)

RM said in a youtube video 교환앨범 MMM (Mini & Moni Music) with fellow BTS member Jimin that the song lost was about someone (RM) who lost his way. RM also mentioned that over a year and 3 months something would happen to him everyday so thought that he should be apart (physically and not mentally) from the other members so that he could think for himself and not always thinking about the group since he holds the responsibility of being the leader of BTS. Jimin in the video also sympathises with the fact that he knows what RM is going through and in that way he would be able to see himself for who he was by taking that time apart. 

Around the world in a day (featuring Moses Sumney) 

The “Around the world in a day” is a slow-paced R&B song featuring American singer- songwriter Moses Sumney. This song is exploring the theme of personal growth and new transformations. RM sings about certain aspects in his life that he has outgrown and become more mature. 

Lyrics such as "That I've outgrown" and "I can't barely sleep” and also “I got yo’ ghost in my closet” could relate to something scary that he may be trying to hide and does not feel the need to communicate it or may be talking about a past experience with someone in his life and that fear which is the “ghost” still haunts him to this day.  

RM also talks about the frustration that he has with the new digital age “ I'm sick and tired of you digital trendsetters" especially with being an idol, you are constantly being scrutinised in the media for anything that you do. Although words such as “digital trendsetters” and “everything is rude in a mood” could be referring to the fact that nothing on social media is authentic anymore and feels somewhat artificial. 

ㅠㅠ (Credit roll) 

This is another song on the album totaling at 1 minute and 14 seconds. I enjoyed this song and I think it is a nice way to end an album. However this song seems to be targeted to ARMYs, especially those who are here for all the members and those who stayed until the end of the album. Throughout the song, RM is asking “When the credits roll, do you hang tight? Do you stay inside or go off to life?” From these lyrics he asks whether those who stay until the end of the album or a film do they stay to see the credits and names of all of those who worked hard to create the art and savour it.  

There is also a music video available on youtube and it shows RM sitting on a chair singing the song into a camera. As the camera zooms out we see a family eating their lunch while watching TV. The camera that RM is singing into is displaying him on the TV in front of the family but they are not taking notice of the TV and, instead, are focused on their food. Which relates back to the lyrics that when you are listening or watching something: do you stay until the end or focus on something else? I really liked this music video because it had a retro yet modern twist to the camera rolls that are shown in old movies but still very new.


Come back to me

The last song on the album "Come back to me” was a pre-release song prior to the album. RM premiered "Come back to me" in August 2023 during a surprise appearance at the encore concert of BTS bandmate SUGA in Seoul. “Come back to me" is a slow burn with a laid-back delivery. The song does give a positive vibe and it also gives the listener a hopeful vibe when they listen to it.

The music video takes place in multiverse showing the viewer examples of different routes or lifepaths that RM would possibly live in. Throughout the music video it is shown that RM is facing difficulty choosing the right path that is the best for him and the pressures of each path that he could face ultimately causing him to feel unhappy. 

Although towards the end of the video each multiverse ends up somewhat satisfactory which only happens when he meets Kim Minha (Korean actress from PACHINKO) - Minha’s character is very important in the video as she seems to represent the fear of the unknown and desire. So rather than RM choosing which multiverse he thinks is the best for him, he can choose his own path and not have to follow societal expectations that someone similar in his age group faces too. Each multiverse seems to be a maze and it may be represented that he is stuck in it but after meeting the female lead she seems to guide him to the way out to “escape” the maze. 


Final Thoughts & Overall

Overall, I really enjoyed this album and this is probably my favourite solo projects amongst the members. I enjoyed the album from the visuals, quality production and most importantly, the authentic lyrics. This album really showed us the hidden thoughts that RM has faced all these years while being in the music industry and it felt very raw to see. The album takes you through different emotions with the different genres and stories told in the songs meaning that you do not have to listen to every single song on the album in one go, it is good to listen to whatever suits the mood or vibe on that day. I also hope that the entertainment industry begins to take him seriously and give him the respect that he deserves. Also highlighting that prestigious music magazines  such as Rolling Stone, Billboard and Grammys selected the “RPWP” album among the best 2024 releases. 

Favourite song: LOST! (I have to dance to this song everytime i hear it!) 

Rating:  5/5 

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