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How to play Hello Cleopatra Challenge, a Korean game

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

by Joycifer

This game, originally a drinking game, is popular amongst K-Pop idols and singers. It’s a fun way to see who has the highest pitch. The rules for this game are extremely easy, but I have a feeling I still wouldn’t make it very far in this game… It’s a game that can be played with two or more players. First, you need to set an order in which the players have their turn. It can be done randomly, for example, just keep going clockwise or draw numbers or you can come with any creative idea.

One by one they are challenged to sing the lyrics “안녕, 클레오파트라 세상에서 제일 가는 포테이토 칩” (Annyeong Ku-le-o-pa-teu-ra Sesang-eso Je-il Ga-neun Pote-ito Chip) which are translated into “Hello, Cleopatra the greatest potato chip in the world.

But there’s a twist: the players aren’t just singing the lyrics over and over again. The person that starts the game sings the lyrics in a low pitch and for every person after that, the pitch should get higher and higher than the previous one. With idols playing this game, you usually end up hearing something that sounds like it would come out of a dolphin and not a human being. The winner of this game is simply the one that has the highest pitch. Sounds simple right? ;)

Eunkwang giving his all in a Hello Cleopatra challenge (video below). Image credit: MONSTA X-RAY 1 EP 4

Side note: Cleopatra was apparently a brand of potato chips in Korea that used to be known for having very thin chips. They are now discontinued, but I guess the thinness of those chips has a correlation with the high, very thin pitch you should have to win this game.

Now, let's see this game in action!

Wanna One showing us how to play the Hello Cleopatra Challenge.

HI CLEOPATRA - MONSTA X-RAY 1 EP 4 If you want to watch a video full of laughter, this one with Monsta X and BtoB is definitely for you! gfriend vs mamamoo cleopatra challange Gfriend and Mamamoo impress us with their very high pitch voices. (ENG SUB) Ateez (에이티즈 ) Potato Chip/Cleopatra Game

Who do you think has the highest pitch in ATEEZ?

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