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How to play Di Bi Di Bi Dip, a Korean Game

by Joycifer

Not to be confused with Minho’s (SHINee) iconic rap Dibidibidip, this game does have the same name though. It’s a fast-paced, fun and mostly easy game for two or more people. I say mostly easy, because the rules are easy, but actually managing to get it right and winning might not always be as easy.

Joy (Red Velvet) and Yesung (Super Junior) in the middle of a game of Di Bi Di Bi Dip. Image credit: Running Man (ep. 376)

To start the game, you can play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who will be the Leader. The person that loses will instead be the Follower. The leader wants the follower to do exactly that, to follow them and do the same movements as they do. This is a fast game so there is no time for pauses or thinking. Act fast and just go with your instinct, intuition, gut feeling or whatever it may be and hope for the best. Both players stand facing each other and quickly say the phrase Di Bi Di Bi Dip. At “Dip” they both do a pose at the same time. There are three different poses to choose from.

Here is a picture showing the different poses:

Image credit: Akira music & style (

From what I’ve seen, the arm movements are the most important and people sometimes do different things with their legs. Just make sure you use the same poses as the people you play with to avoid confusion.

The Follower’s goal is to do a different pose from the Leader. If the Follower manages to make a different pose 3 times in a row, they will win and become the Leader instead.

This game can also be played with one Leader and multiple Followers. If that’s the case, all the Followers stand in front of the Leader and it’s the first Follower to do a different pose 3 times in a row that becomes the new Leader.

So the rules are easy, but with the fast pace, it’s easy to make mistakes, get flustered and mess up. A lot of it also comes down to luck with choosing the right pose. But it’s fun and depending on how competitive you get, you might even get a free workout while playing ;)

What idols would you want to see play Di Bi Di Bi Dip together?

[Running Man] Ep 376_Red Velvet Joy on Running Man Joy (Red Velvet) playing Di Bi Di Bi Di, trying to save Kwangsoo from falling into the water.

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