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Bag Essentials For Your Next K-Pop Concert

Disclosure: This post does not contain any affiliate links, meaning I will not get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links below.

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When it comes to preparing for your next K-Pop concert, we know firsthand just how much time, effort, energy and pure creativity goes into creating the ultimate outfit to complement the experience overall.

But have you thought about which bag to bring?

More importantly, have you thought about everything you may need to stay safe and healthy while making sure you have the absolute best time?

Don’t worry, because we have. With more and more K-Aritsts and K-Pop groups coming to London this year, be sure to check out our guide below on the essentials for your next K-Pop concert.

1. Portable Phone Charger

We know just how important our phones are these days. From holding our concert ticket QR codes, and recording your favourite songs, to navigating your way home and staying in touch with loved ones, having a fully charged phone is more than necessary. While there may not always be somewhere to sit and charge your phone, a portable charger is perfect for when you’re on the go. Currently, my favourite portable charger is the BSYYO power bank - it can fully recharge your phone up to three times!

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2. Purse with ID

Essential for everyday use and especially essential for your next concert. It’s always useful to have some cash or your bank card on you just in case. For example, you may have to pay to get home, need a drink or snack, or even might decide to buy yourself some well-deserved merch! Not only that but make sure to have some ID on you as some venues have an age restriction - especially if you have a standing ticket. Personally, I prefer to have a smaller card purse when going to a concert because it takes up much less space in my bag.

3. Phone

Self-explanatory and similar to having a portable phone charger, but having your phone handy is always good for organisation, entertainment, fun and, of course, safety. From holding your mobile tickets and recording parts of the show, to making sure you know where you’re going, there’s no wonder that your phone is an essential for your concert bag.

4. Snacks

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day but that is not an excuse to not take care of yourself. Remember, you’re your number 1 priority always. So make sure to pack your favourite snacks into your bag; most venues should allow it but always be sure to check ahead of time. If not, make sure you have plenty to eat and drink throughout the day.

5. Ear Plugs

Concerts are loud, there’s no denying that. Having a pair of ear plugs for your next concert is the perfect way to protect your hearing from damage, without affecting the sound quality or your enjoyment of the concert itself.

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6. Concert Ticket

While this sounds extremely straightforward, we can easily get swept up on making sure we have everything else we may need that the actual concert ticket can go forgotten. Consider this your official reminder to pack your concert ticket (if it’s physical) or to make sure you have access to it (if it’s an e-ticket).

7. Medication

Not necessary for everyone, but if you’re someone who has prescribed medication to take over a period of time do not let a concert get in the way of that! As we’ve said, you are your number 1 priority so make sure you pack the right amount of medication to get you through the day.

8. Lightstick

Last but not least, your lightstick! Nothing adds to the sense of community in a K-Pop concert than having your lightstick on hand. So, make sure the batteries are working and enjoy!

Image credit: Zahra Baz

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