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A Dive into LE SSERAFIM's 'Easy' EP Album

Updated: Mar 15

By Cecilia Torres

Image Credit: ‘Easy’ promotional photo

“Easy” is LE SSERAFIM's third extended play. Source Music released it on February 19, 2024, with five tracks of various genres, including the lead single of the same name. With each comeback, LE SSERAFIM is proving to their fans that they are eager to stay and make a name for themselves in the K-Pop industry.

Title Track: EASY 

“Easy” is the second track on the album but it is the Title track and name of the EP. The song takes an unconventional approach to the group's music style, which can be heard throughout the EP. Based on the trap genre, it features catchy R&B vocals and an addictive, fluid melody lasting 3 minutes and 9 seconds. 

“Pull up, and I rip it up like ballet

Damn, I really make it look easy

Yeah, know that I make it look easy”

These lyrics are sung by Kazuha as she conveys the meaning that nothing is easy. However, they are eager to make things simple. It continues the team narrative that has been ongoing since its inception. The meaning of ballet is referring to Kazuha as most FEARNOTs know that Kazuha has a background in ballet and is very talented.  Even though ballet is considered as an elegant art form that is enjoyable to watch, it takes countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to get there.

Good Bones

The first track of the album sets the tone for the rest of the tracks, and "Good Bones" impresses.These words are spoken in several languages: English, Japanese and Korean, and the lines of this song are performed in each member's native language, making the message even more powerful.

"Good Bones" easily masquerades as something sweet, although the underlying message is that life can be exhausting at times. Regardless, these girls remind us that we are more than the challenges life throws at us.  It is a strong start to the album, this song combines spoken word with a strong rock instrumental to create a clear statement - their determination to be the best and overcome adversity stronger than any obstacle they encounter.

Swan Song 

"Swan Song” is the third track from the album. Although the song is short, totaling up to 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Members Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin and Kazuha are credited for the lyrics of the song. This makes the song more personal and heartfelt and I particularly liked the soft guitar melody throughout the song, although it is not my favourite song from the EP. 

In summary, "Swan Song" is a mesmerising musical piece that celebrates individuality, resilience and the power of self-expression in the face of turbulence. The lyrics convey a message of strength, determination and unwavering faith, making it a powerful and empowering listen for anyone navigating their own journey of self-discovery and growth.


Over the summer of 2023, Amapiano and Afrobeats took over a storm in the west and made its way to South Korea. Although this isn't the first Afrobeat inspired song in K-Pop to be released, “Smart” definitely takes heavy inspiration from “Water” by Tyla, South African Singer, and “Woman” by Doja Cat. This has actually caused some controversy with fans claiming that it is a “rip off” of “Water.”

This song is super catchy but also a great song to just let go and dance to. These girls understand their worth and believe that their perseverance and effort will propel them to the top - where we will dance with them! This song has been added to my Spotify list, especially the K-Pop workout playlist. 

We Got so Much 

Following a pre-release during the group's FLAME RISES' 2023 tour last August, "We Got So Much”  was chosen as the final track on the album. This lively mid tempo song is a truly fitting end to the release - the members' official love song to their fandom FEARNOT.

Yunjin and Eunchae participated in writing the lyrics for the song, pouring their hearts into the message they wanted to convey to the fans. Promising to reveal both their strengths and vulnerabilities to their fans, but generally staying true to themselves, the girls emphasise that they want to repay all the love their fans have given them. I think that this song was a good ending to the album and made me wonder what the group could release in the coming year. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the album is a tribute to the hardships the members faced to get where they are today. Alluding to the hard work and challenges they faced, but more importantly, celebrating those challenges to show others that they made it look easy when it never was. LE SSERAFIM acknowledges the hard work that went into getting where they are today and that they deserve the praise because they have earned it.

This album was definitely more personal than their previous albums, it was well put together, although I did expect more songs on the EP because it only totals up to 13 mins. On February 23, LE SSERAFIM also released an English version album containing “Easy” English version, sped up and slowed + reverb versions. 

My most listened song on this EP is “Smart” as I have not been able to escape from this song on my TikTok for You page. 

Rating  4 / 5

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