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5 K-Pop Christmas Songs Your Holiday Playlist Needs

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

As another year of winter festivities comes and goes, it’s safe to say that the go-to Christmas songs are bordering on over-played around this time of year (not that we mind, of course).

Freshen up those holiday playlists this winter season with some tried and tested, and even brand new K-Pop Christmas songs.

From new releases, to past releases, to even cover songs from your faves, this list of holiday songs features a little something for everyone.

Image Credit: YouTube

Girls’ Generation’s subunit TTS released their very first Christmas album seven years ago with ‘Dear Santa’ as the title track. In this whimsical and heartfelt ballad, the powerhouse vocals of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun work together harmoniously to bring in, and maintain, the festive spirit.

Image Credit: Rakuten Viki

A love letter to listeners, GOT7’s infamous ‘Confession Song’ proves it really is the thought that counts when it comes to Christmas gift giving. And what better gift than your heart? A confession of love? Cosy, fun-filled and everything GOT7, ‘Confession Song’ is complete with soft, gentle raps and strong, powerful vocals.

Image Credit: NME

Bring a twist to your holiday playlist with Stray Kids’ iconic ‘Christmas EveL’. Fun, catchy and powerful, ‘Christmas EveL’ encapsulates the very essence of Stray Kids. Dubbed as a festive flex of both creativity and originality, the group take a more realistic perspective to the holiday season as they incorporate well-known lines from infamous Christmas songs and make them their own.

Image Credit: AllKpop

Brining us with an easy holiday listen, ‘Winter Story’ is a high quality uplifting Christmas song that leaves feelings of warmth and happiness in the hearts of listeners. Complete with necessary Christmas sleigh bells, a strong orchestral influence and a melody that flows effortlessly, ‘Winter Story’ makes for the perfect backdrop to your winter story.

Image Credit: Billboard

Title track to NCT Dreams latest winter special mini album, ‘Candy’ is a remake of H.O.T’s 1996 release of the same name. In this updated rendition of the single, ‘Candy’ remains as fun-loving and youthful as it ever was. Perhaps not regarded as a typical Christmas song, yet it’s strong sense of nostalgia works to slot it in this time of year.

As someone who has been a keen fan of K-Pop since early 2016, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing multiple Christmases within the genre. Personally, ‘Confession Song’ will always stand out to me this time of the year, solely because I remember the absolute joy and feelings of giddiness after watching the free dance live video and following along with GOT7’s usual antics.

However, it’s definitely safe to say that each of the songs recommended above are a surefire way to bring about that festive feeling - as well as so many more that we would have loved to fit in.

So, between mini albums, singles, solo releases and song covers, what K-Pop Christmas songs do you recommend? Let us know in the comments down below!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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