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THE SHOWCASE 1.0: Where K-Dance, K-Pop enthusiasts and fundraising come together

The Showcase 1.0 plans to bring together K-Dance and K-Pop enthusiasts for one night to celebrate Korean dance and Korean music while fundraising for Young Minds UK and UN Refugees Agency UK.

(Image Credit: K ARC)

On November 5th 2022, K ARC dance studio will be holding its very first dance showcase titled ‘The Showcase 1.0’ at Sarah Siddons Theatre, Paddington, London. The main objective of the showcase is to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate our common interest in all things K-Pop (groups, choreography, choreographers, etc.), as performers and as audience members.

The event will run from 5pm to 7pm and will feature a set list of performances covering songs like B.I ft Soulja Boy ‘BTBT’, AESPA ‘Illusion’, BLACKPINK ‘How you like that’, BTS ‘Idol’ and many more. The event will also invite several guest performances.

Another major goal of this event is to support charity organisations that are helping vulnerable people. Therefore, all profits generated from the event will be donated to Young Minds UK and to Ukrainian refugees via the UN Refugees Agency UK.

Having already held one successful event this year (You can read all about it here: K-Dance Camp), K ARC hopes to once again assemble lovers of K-Pop and K-Dance this November to celebrate our mutual love of K-Pop and everything that relates to it.

We hope to see you there.

Early Bird Tickets are available here until 15th Oct: The Showcase 1.0

About K ARC:

Created in 2019 with a vision to make dance and K-Pop accessible and fun to all K-Pop fans and dance enthusiasts in the UK, K ARC Dance now offers a full fun-packed schedule of open dance classes at our very own studio in Shoreditch, central London. We offer a wide range of K-Pop classes covering various songs and artists, together with other styles such as commercial, hip-hop and technique classes to help you improve and broaden your dancing skills. More than just dance classes, we are also a community where people of various backgrounds come together to socialise, share cultural varieties and, especially, the love for K-Pop.

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