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OO-LI in Atlanta

by Maria

K-Pop idol WOODZ kicked off his first international world tour in San Francisco, ending in New York city. On December 8th, WOODZ took the stage in Atlanta, Georgia and I was definitely in for a ride. Before that show, I was familiar with enough songs to see him live. So when it came out that he was coming to my hometown, I simply had to go! 'OO-LI AND' in Atlanta was a night to remember!

Going into that show, I knew what I had expected, but he exceeded my expectations. When it comes to WOODZ his style of music it’s different and unique. One song may be R&B influenced, the next is rock influenced. I was really interested in seeing how he’ll perform each song, because they’re musically different. We all know he can sing, but hearing him live is an experience I'll remember forever. Every note that came out of his mouth left me speechless. What also made this concert even more special was the fact that he had a live band. The way the band played each song was spectacular. No instrument overpowered one another.

Image credit: Maria

During the show, there was a segment where WOODZ read fan signs and interacted with the crowd. Most signs varied from him singing songs that weren't on the setlist. It's phenomenal fan service, but who is WOODZ without his humor? He didn't remember the lyrics in some songs, so he'd make weird sounds and melodies to remember.

Everyone's favorite moment was when he sang 'Accident.' Hearing that song live was astounding. That was the very first song of his I've listened to that made me a fan. I'm so honored that Atlanta is the only stop to be able to hear it live.

 As the show continued, the performances were getting better and better. We got songs like 'Trigger, Noid, Different’ and FEEL LIKE.' After those songs, WOODZ gave his final ending, which meant for our group photo with the entire arena and thank yous. As a special thank you, WOODZ performed his two new singles, 'AMNESIA' and 'BEHIND.' Being the first city to hear his new songs was a huge honor.

Image credit: Maria

When the show came to an end, it felt so bittersweet. The last song of the night was 'Better and Better.' While that song was playing, there was a sweet video of WOODZ smiling and having fun on stage at different shows. You could tell through the video and just by watching him on stage that night that was where he belonged. He is truly a superstar!

After this tour, I'm proud to say that I am a MOODZ [fandom name]. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. I promise you won't regret it if you ever see him live. I saw him in Atlanta and loved the show, so I went to his last show in New York. The New York show was so sentimental. Before the show it was announced that WOODZ would be enlisting into the Korean Military. As every song played it felt like a gift. A gift of appreciation for being his fan and sticking beside him throughout these years.  I wish him a successful future. I hope to see him again!

Here's a few links to my favorite WOODZ songs:

Images credit: Maria

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