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<DEPARTED> - Loopy’s first ever Europe tour arrives in London

By Mulenga Mumba

(Image Credit: Onion Productions)

On 6th December, King Loopy (big ups if you got that reference) graced the stage at O2 Academy Islington, here in London, on his first ever Europe tour. Loopy’s fiery performance really raised the temperature on what was an otherwise very cold Tuesday. In an interview, we delve into Loopy's feelings about being in the UK, his collaborations and his process when it comes to his work as an artist in general.

Before we get into the interview however, let’s talk a bit about the concert.

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

Opening for Loopy was Jenna Suhl, pictured right (This was her first ever tour - she honestly smashed it). I’d never heard her stuff before but by the end, I came out a fan. Her voice was very soulful, very powerful and (surprisingly) very calming. Originally making her musical debut in 2018 in the US, Jenna Suhl is an up-and-coming R&B artist making her first ever tour debut. She really carried herself like a seasoned veteran on that stage, I honestly wouldn’t have guessed it was her first ever tour.

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

The fans really enjoyed her set-list with a majority even singing along. She genuinely owned the stage with her powerful vocals and her very down to earth personality. She also made the atmosphere very light and calm, really rolling with the vibe. Her set was definitely a great start to the evening. I definitely recommend giving her new EP ‘BRAT' a listen (‘Above’ is my favourite; really has me in my feels, but it’s so good).

Loopy took the stage following Jenna’s fierce performance and he turned the heat up (I was trying to keep my professionalism but, honestly, that went out the window real quick). As soon as he stepped onto the stage, the crowd went wild. Going by the reaction of the fans, this was a tour that was long overdue.

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

Having developed an interest in music at a young age, Loopy was apparently considering going into music production before deciding to pursue a career as a rapper in the US ( He would later go on to become the co-founder of the music Label x Crew MKIT RAIN with fellow rapper Nafla in 2016 which then ceased operation in 2021 (Sidenote: MKIT Rain Weatherman was one of the songs that solidified my university experience; a bop in its own right).

(Image Credit: Nieca Mae)

With tracks like G.O.A.T ft The Quiett and Guess as part of his set-list, Loopy managed to command the stage with a playful yet confident demeanour. The way he engaged with the fans was quite endearing and, of course, the fans reciprocated by singing with him (I will now be listening to his discography because next time, I intend to join in - felt like I was missing out on most of the fun by not being able to sing along). Boasting a really large discography (his album NO FEAR (DELUXE) alone has 25 songs on it), his setlist felt very balanced with a song for everyone. Can’t wait for the next one (I’ll be ready).

And now to the interview.

Before the concert, we had a chance to sit down with Loopy and get some insight into his music, who he is as an artist and, of course, how he feels being in the UK.

Please introduce yourself to the fans.

Hi guys! Hi my fans! Hi London, I’m Loopy! 🙂

Is it true that your name, from loop and looping, references the flow of your rap, as well as something silly or crazy?

I think all of these things you’ve mentioned are connected. Loopy, Loopy dance, Loop de Loop; everything is connected, so I like it.

How have you found your European Tour?

It’s really a day by day trip. Fly everyday, (receiving) fan love everyday, it’s just crazy.

Have you had a chance to explore London?

Actually, I went to the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home stadium with my brother-in-law; he’s a big fan of Arsenal so I went there and had a little tour.

In your daily life, are you someone who enjoys routine or adventure?

Adventure, definitely. I think I need it. I think I need to live life like that because that lifestyle gives me more inspiration. But then personally, as a human being, I kind of want a little stability.

You’ve collaborated with artists such as Gray, pH-1, Code Kunst, Changmo and many others. Who do you wish to work with in the future?

Young Thug from the States, he’s my idol, “musically”...... and in Korea, I want (to work with) GD.

You’ve also worked with artists outside of Hip Hop like Baek Yerin and Hyo. What are your requirements when deciding to do collaborations?

First of all, I just collaborate when I think that I could kill it and then, secondly, when I listen to the music for the first time, I have to realise the reason why they (the artist) gave the song to me. And business-wise, I think I need to be bigger - bigger scene, bigger game.

Have you always wanted to experiment with your music?

Yes. Yes, because I do Hip Hop music, I live Hip Hop; Hip Hop gotta be fresh so we gotta do what (different things) we have to.

What message are you trying to convey through your music?

There’s a boy who lives like this, so you’ll be fine somehow.

How do you view the Korean Hip Hop scene at the moment?

Korean Hip Hop has always followed US Hip Hop, and for the past 2 years they’ve also been trying to do UK drill. So what I’m thinking right now is that Korean Hip Hop needs references first because Hip Hop is not from us (Korean Hip Hop artists).

What are your hopes and predictions for the future of Korean Hip Hop?

K-Pop did very well, right? So I think there is still room and a possibility for my music to be on top, on Billboard - but then again, I still don’t know how to do it………. And I think Koreans have just started to understand and feel Hip Hop so I’ll just keep on living my life like this even if I’m in Korea.

Which song would you recommend from your most recent album?

Personally, my favourite track is ‘HEAT’ from ‘The Django Tape’. It shows my core, the inner me, my weakness. So, that’s my favourite track.

Do you have any message for your fans?

Yeah, let’s win together?

We look forward to Loopy’s next concert here in the UK and wish him all the best on the rest of his tour.

Check out the full interview on the HallyuCon youtube channel! (Here)

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