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Hallyu Con 2021 Challenge

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K-Pop Dance Challenge Winners


@ levaaayy


Korean Street Fashion Winners

@ madiha.cxx

What is the challenge?

The Hallyu Con 2021 Challenge is an online event for Korean culture enthusiasts across Europe and beyond who wish to share their own understanding and love for Korean culture with others.
There are 3 challenges to select from in Fashion, Dance and Food categories and each participant can choose to participate in one or all 3 challenges.
Each participant is completely free to follow the challenge instructions exactly, or to add characteristics of their own culture and make the final presentation innovative.

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Who can apply?

The Hallyu Con 2021 Challenge is open to any individual who loves K-Pop and/or other aspects of Korean culture.

Applications can be submitted individually or in groups of maximum 10 people.

How to participate?

Select the preferred category out of the 3 suggested. Plan your idea for the video. Record your final presentation then upload it on YouTube, Instagram (TV/Reels) or TikTok with the correct title and hashtags as followed.
Hallyu Con 2021 Challenge_[Category]_[Country]_[ParticipantName]
Example: Hallyu Con 2021_Challenge_Fashion_Portugal_LauraCruz

  • The view counts of the video may be included as a screening factor if the team decides there’s 2 submissions with similar weighing, so it could help to share your video link to your friends, followers etc.;

  • Make sure to include the thinking behind your choices as it could earn you extra points!

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Registration  Period

Monday, 26 July to Sunday, 15 August 2021 (UK Time) 
Saturday, 4 September, 2PM BST
Announced during the live Hallyu Con streaming event

How to register?

Step 01

Like and/or follow our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok channels. You are required to follow the channel where you'll be submitting your application at the minimum. So, if your challenge is a TikTok one, you’ll only need to follow our TikTok account to qualify (though you are welcome to follow the other channels also!).

Step 02

Select one of the challenge categories.

Step 03

Create your content idea and upload the final video on the required channel with the correct title and hashtags.


Challenge Categories

[Fashion] Korean Street Fashion-Inspired Outfit

Create an outfit that is inspired from a Korean street fashion trend using your own clothes and style. There are no limitations to how long ago the trend was, but you must include some pictures and/or videos that show where you got your inspiration from on your final video.

You can get inspiration from fashion bloggers, influencers, your favourite Korean idol or actor/actress etc..

Feel free to add unique characteristics from your own culture or usual style and have fun!

Applications for this challenge must be submitted on YouTube, Instagram [TV/Reel]
OR TikTok, following the steps mentioned above.
Please note the video should be under 3 minutes.

[Korean Food] Recreate Food Featured in Dramas

Food is a significant part of the Hallyu Wave (Korean phenomenon) across the globe and more so of dramas we all love. Taking this into consideration, for this challenge, we want you to recreate one of the dishes from the list below - which are often featured in various genres of Korean dramas.


  • Bibimbap

  • Kimbap

  • Jeon (Korean Pancakes)

  • Japchae

You can search for their recipes online and opt to follow them exactly or make them your way (with ingredients that can easily be found in your area.

Applications for this challenge must be submitted on YouTube, Instagram [TV/Reel]
OR TikTok, following the steps mentioned above. 

Please note the video should be under 3 minutes and, while this is an online challenge, the process will matter and we want to see you add your own personal touch to these dishes.

[K-Pop Dance] Laboum Dance Cover

For Hallyu Con’s very first dance challenge, we’ve picked 2 Laboum songs Journey to Atlantis & Shooting Love.

To participate all you'll need to do is:

  • Pick one of the songs mentioned above

  • Learn the choreography to the chorus part

  • Recreate the dance in your own style

  • Film yourself performing the choreography

  • Upload the video to TikTok

Please note that applications for this challenge must be done on TikTok ONLY!

To learn the dance moves, you can follow Laboum's performances by clicking on the button below OR by visiting our official TikTok and check out the tutorial prepared for you by Team LoKo.

London K-Pop Dance Workshop, a.k.a. LoKo was founded in 2011 by two friends with hopes of teaching the complex K-Pop choreographies to London-based fans. Ten years later, LoKo has organised innumerous dance workshops, and featured on both British and Korean TV channels. Also, they've hosted masterclasses with the likes of Mihawk Back (Dancer/Choreographer/Performance Director) and more.

Follow LoKo

  • londonkpopdance
  • LoKo
  • LondonKPopDanceWorks
  • LondonKPopDance
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Winning Criteria & Prizes*

Judges’ score (70 points)
Views’ count (30 points)

1st Place Prize (1 winner per category)

K-Pop albums and merchandise bundle, official Hallyu Con Tote Bag and £15 London Kpop Street gift card

2nd Place Prize (1 winner per category)

Kpop album and merchandise bundle, official Hallyu Con Keyring and £10 London Kpop Street gift card

3rd Place Prize (1 winner per category)

Kpop album and merchandise bundle, Hallyu Con Keyring and £5 London Kpop Street gift card

Special Prize (1 winner ONLY)

Kpop Albums, Rolling Stone Magazine - BTS edition, full Hallyu Con merchandise bundle and £10 London Kpop Street gift card

All other participants will be offered a 5% discount code that can be used in London Kpop Street's online store.

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*Please note that prizes are subject to change.

*The Special Prize winner will be chosen among submissions that have added their own flair to the videos and that showcased uniqueness.

1. All submitted videos can be used by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK), Hallyu Con and associated communities/platforms on:

  • Social media, website or e-newsletters;

  • Printed materials produced for promotional purposes (including leaflets);

  • Posters and adverts;

  • Or in materials sent out to the media. 

If any minors appear in your content, please request a ‘minor's consent form’ from us.
2. Please note that the judging panel for all challenges will include members of the production team, participating influencers and event sponsors.
3. To organise prize delivery, applicants will be responsible for any errors in personal information.
4. If winners cannot be contacted by a member of our team after 3 attempts, the reward may be forfeit and/or transferred to the runner up.